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Featured Lifestyle Events in 2011 at at Hedonism II, Jamaica:

Goddess Week (March 5-12) - In celebration of International Womens Day
Big On The Beach (June 11-18) - Size Sometimes Does Matter! A Plus size event at Hedonism II
Colorful Fantasies (Aug 13-20) - Variety is the Spice of Life!
Hedonism Fest (Nov 11-20) - Join the Biggest Lifestyle Party at Hedo!
Swingers Club Name: Delaware Valley Synergy
Swingers Club Location: Valley Forge, PA   19481
Phone Number:   
Email: membership@dvsynergy.org  
Contact Name:
Web Site: www.dvsynergy.org
Premisses: On Premises

For more information about Delaware Valley Synergy and Delaware Valley Synergy weekly events calendar, please visit LOVEVOODOO.com or SWINGERSUNDERGROUND.com

Delaware Valley Synergy (DVS) is a Social Club supporting Open Relationships in the greater Philadelphia region. It's an organization in which people may explore alternatives to traditional monogamy in a warm, supportive, humanistic atmosphere.

Serving Lifestylers in southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and northeast Maryland, this non-profit, member run organization has been one of the best kept secrets in the area for over three decades.

Many of our members are swingers, but we're not a swing club. Many are Nudists, but we're not a nudist organization. Some members are polyamorous, but we're not a poly group. Newcomers have found DVS to be just the environment they were looking for to make "friends, first," and explore this open lifestyle at a "safe" and non-threatening pace. Whereas long-standing members have found our group to be the core of their very best friends in life!
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