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Swingers Club Name: Best Kept Secrets Club
Swingers Club Location: Saint Martinville, LA   70582
Phone Number: 337-288-0757  337-258-8505
Email: bks@bestkeptsecretsclub.com  bestkeptsecretsclub@yahoo.com
Contact Name: Rick and Charlie
Web Site:

For more information about Best Kept Secrets Club and Best Kept Secrets Club weekly events calendar, please visit LOVEVOODOO.com or SWINGERSUNDERGROUND.com

Best Kept Secrets is a private members only social and dance club for adults 21 years of age or older. We DO NOT sell or serve any type of alcohol. Members that want to par take in drinking of alcohol are required to provide the alcohol themselves. Best Kept Secrets will provide soft drinks, water, ice, mixers and cups to its members as needed.

In order to be a member of Best Kept Secrets, you must be 21 years of age or older. A valid photo ID must accompany the membership application form. All personal information will be kept confidential with NO ONE but the owners having access.

This is a private club for adults only and we expect everyone to act like adults. You ARE NOTallowed to discuss any events or persons that you may have seen outside the doors of Best Kept Secrets. Every member deservers the same amount of privacy that you require for yourself.

We DO NOT allow drugs, weapons, prostitution, soliciting, recording devices (video or audio) inside the club. Yes you may bring in your phone but it is only for receiving phone calls and text messaging only. Any member caught will be turned over to either the St. Martin Parish Sherriff’s Office or to the State Police at time they are caught.

Members must state if they are in any way employed by any law enforcement, media, or governmental agency. This is for the safety of all members only. Your information WILL NOT be disclosed to any of the members.

We DO NOT accept any tipping. That goes for door personal, persons working behind the bar providing you mixers, or to any person that you see dancing.

Dress code: We ask that you dress properly. Gang related material and overly baggy clothing ARE NOT allowed. You may dress comfortably, if you dress a little risqué we ask that you bring something to cover yourself up prior to entering and exiting the building. If there is a theme night please try to dress to that theme. It usually makes a more fun night. Although this is not required.

The outside property will be monitored 24 hours by security cameras. This is only for the protection of members and of the property. Any one caught vandalizing anyone’s personal property or property that belongs to Best Kept Secrets will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This private club is open to all races, sex, sexual orientation,and religions. There WILL BE NO harassment towards any other member due to these differences. People are all made in difference sizes and colors so respect everyone.

Any interaction between members must be consensual. All members must be in agreement. We will provide protection in the form of Condoms and clean sheets. We prefer that safe sex is practiced but know that everyone is different. Best Kept Secrets WILL NOT be held liable for any injuries or illness that you may obtain. It is a play at your own risk.

We ask that once you have finished in a room to remove the sheets that are on the bed or beds and place them in the basket in the room. We also ask that you put a clean sheet back on the bed or beds. Please pick up behind yourself. Throw your trash away in the trash cans and only put your cigarettes out in ash trays not on the floor or in the toilets. Smoking is not allowed in play areas, only in the general bar area.