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Swingers Club Name: Florida's Finest Couples
Swingers Club Location: Tampa, FL   33607
Phone Number:   
Contact Name:
Web Site: www.FloridasFinestCouples.com
Premisses: Off-Premises

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Why the Group was Formed

In 2007, Brian and Nancy had been a full swap couple for 6 years. They were looking for a way to meet others in the lifestyle without wasting time or money. Having experienced many house parties, meet and greets, clubs, swinger conventions and web sites, they had seen much that the lifestyle had to offer. Each method of meeting others was fun but seemed to fall a bit short of their expectations. Lets take a look at how Brian and Nancy viewed each....

House Parties most always seem to be at the extremes of a hit or miss. House parties are usually smaller groups of people, maybe as large as 50 but often 10 to 20. These provide some level of choice but because of the small size also means that there may or may not be a fit on any one particular night. Attending a house party for the first time always seemed to be a little more pressure than fun. Sometimes there would be a good fit and sometimes not. For Brian and Nancy, the lack of organized activities and because many who attend alrady know each other makes it a little harder to break the ice. Additionally, if there was not a two way attraction it always seemed a bit uncomfortable to explain that there was no interest. Who wants to offend others who are all friends? At the same time, nobody wants to get involved in something they may later regret. For Brian and Nancy house parties were fun but seldom resulted in connections with other swingers.

Meet and Greets seem to lower the pressure to make a connection because most only offer a place for like minded people to meet. Generally, there is no place to go at the meet if you do make a connection and wish to take it to the next level. Now there is nothing wrong with meeting others and exchanging some good conversation and phone numbers. But to Brian and Nancy, part of the fun was the intial sexual energy and the ability to act on it if they wished to do so. This is where meet and greets normally fell short of expectations. Additionally, meet and greets are often held in very public locations which makes it hard to explain if a vanilla friend happens to walk up when you are kissing someone other than your spouse! Whoops! Yup, it has happened more than once.

For Brian and Nancy swing clubs were the only way to go for many years. The larger groups gave more selection than house parties, the night club atmosphere set the mood, the separation of play areas from the night club areas lessened pressure but provided the solution when a connection was found. Additionally, there are several very cool clubs in Florida. Some larger, some smaller...each different and most all very fun! Unfortunately, most clubs require a paid membership the very first time you attend. This means that the first night at any club is normally quite expensive. Additionally, if you decide it is not the right club for you then the membership fee is already spent. They thought it would be wonderful to have a membership that provided access to several clubs instead of just one. That would create the variety they wanted. A single membership card would also provide the ability to try different clubs inexpensively...to decide which one was right for you!

Swinger conventions are like a sexual vacation on steriods! They are a great way to meet lots of other lifestyle people all at one time and all in one place. Unfortunately, the timing and location of the convention must work for you. Through conventions Brian and Nancy made many new friends but just how many people can you play with in a few days? Hmmmm, ok don't answer that question! Point is that there is alot going on at a convention but it all happens over a very short amount of time and with so many lifestyle people there tend to be alot of distractions. Conventions are fun but unless you are superhuman then it is tough to make a steady diet of conventions

Web sites...oh, were do we start on this one? Well, lets just say there are lots of swinger web sites to chose from. Some are free and some quite expensive. Some have lots of members in one area of the country (or world) and virtually nobody from another location. Some are full of single males and others are oriented toward couples. Brian and Nancy have been members on many lifestyle web sites and will tell you that the quality of the sites and members varies greatly. Additionally, the rules on each site vary greatly. Some have very rude and undesireable people that run them while others are quite friendly to the members. Problem is which are which? You often don't know until money is spent to join and hours are spent online. Also, consider the fact that many people use the Internet to disquise their true identity. Brian and Nancy spent thousands of hours online, experienced all the advantages and disadvantages of various sites and found that a web site alone was often not the best way to connect with others.

What was the Solution?

Brian and Nancy felt that they could learn from house parties, meet and greets, clubs, swinger conventions and web sites to create something new and different. A group that focused on the advantages of each, while minimizing the disadvantages. The result was the creation of a party group that offered lifestyle people something new and different.

Florida's Finest Couples is an inclusive party group. It offers membership to all couples and single females. The group holds parties every month at a TOTALLY PRIVATE party location. This location is open to Florida's Finest Couples card holders and provides both a themed, no pressure, organized meet with cash bar, adult games, prize give aways and contests, DJ or live music and an after party. There is an attached hotel with discounted room rates for card holders.

But Florida's Finest Couples is NOT just about a monthly party. The group is all about working with others, variety, options and a positive lifestyle experience. So, the Florida's Finest Couples group is dedicated to working with various meet and greets, clubs, swinger conventions and web sites. We list those that we work with and recommend on this site. We check each out thoroughly and work only with those who meet our standards of professionalism and dedication to the lifestyle. Our group is always open to learning about those who are not listed but we will not work with just anyone. If you do not see them listed on this site then either we don't know about them yet or feel that there are better options for the finest.

We are always looking for others to form relationships and to have the group work. So, we encourage members to communicate to the hosts if there appears to be a good opportunity for the members. This group is here as a result of the members and is interested in their input.

Additional Thoughts....

In the lifestyle there are many who come and go, cancel, don't support their members or just don't show up. We've had the unfortunate experience of knowing or seeing some of these people. Florida's Finest Couples is not one of these fly-by-night groups. We are now in our third year of conducting some of the best parties and working with some of the best in the lifestyle.

This group was formed for fun, not for profit. Although we wish we could get what our members want for no cost this is not possible. We take the approach of working with others to keep the costs to our members to a minimum while maximizing the benefits. Now with over 1,300 couples and 150 single female members Florida's Finest Couples has been named one of the MOST POPULAR lifestyle party groups in Florida. With a very low membership fee, reasonable suggested door donations, great sponsors, discounts for card holders, dozens of successful parties held and over $20,000 in prizes given away Florida's Finest is also one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL party groups in the state of Florida, as well.